Through the ritual of haircut, the project relates the influence of Chinese culture - so complex and apparently closed - on the Italian one. Young Italians who turn to Chinese hairdressers are captured by the still mysterious charm of an oriental cut. But it is only the beginning of a journey along the Paduan neighborhoods, within the Chinese community, between historical families of restaurateurs, whose children are in effect Italians, tailors, young Chinese who work in beauty centers, or yet to those who, instead, are studying in our country economy, arts or  business marketing, and celebrate their New Year in the city squares. Pontevigodarzere, l'Arcella, the station, via del Santo, are some of the places touched by the shots but narrated through the lives, the works, the faces of a community that often appears closed in itself as the chinese community is.
Hair in Chinese history has always been very important, and a strong symbolic meaning. The use of hair or hairstyles has always marked the civil or social status of a religion or a profession. Not taking care of the hair is a sign of illness or depression for the Chinese people. In the eastern populations diversification comes not only from the fancy of a cut, or an extravagant color that provoke reaction but from the care of the body that appears attentively in perennial communication with the interior. Oriental hair has an extraordinary shine that  is the result of an extreme care.